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Firestarter was created after 30 years of national and international search and placement experience connecting great talent with outstanding companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our Career Seekers to build successful relationships and going above and beyond to ensure continued success. In short, we are in the human relations business!


The career journey begins within each individual. The best investment you can make is in yourself. At Firestarter, we seek to uncover our client’s Career Ikigai (your reason to go to work). Your Career Ikigai is the place where your passion, mission, vocation and profession meet and our coaches know how to lead you there. Our coaching services include:

  • Career Assessment and Review

  • Career Development and Planning

  • Career Transition and Management

  • and more.......


Our Firestarter Coaching Staff brings over 50 years of human resources, recruiting  and staffing experience. We provide an insider view into employer hiring practices.  We will provide you with effective tools and tips, applicable to your current career or job search. Our training services include:

  • Resume Development and Writing

  • Interviewing Techniques 

  • Personal Branding

  • LinkedIn Training

  • and more.......


Is your career positioning exactly where you have always wanted? If not, you may benefit from having our dedicated team of job search specialists by your side throughout your search journey. Are you looking for new career options? We’re here to help! Our search services include:

  • Personalized Job Search Strategy

  • Ideal Company and Role Listing

  • LinkedIn and Social Network Search

  • Business Network Search

  • Brand Marketing

  • and more.......

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