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Our Experience is Our Strength!

The only thing keeping you from the Life you have and the life you are meant to live is a plan. Fail to plan. Plan to fail. We plan for so many things in our lives, and our career is no exception. Become actualized! 

With over 50 years recruiting and talent management experience, our Firestarter Career Coaches are proven experts in helping you create a personalized career plan designed to achieve your professional goals. Firestarter will arm you with all the tips, tricks, resources, and skills needed to advance your career which will serve you for a lifetime. 

Experience has shown us that traditional recruiting methods do not work - “You get hired for x and fired for Y”. With an average job opening attracting 250 resumes (Glassdoor) and only 2% of applicants being called for an interview, it’s important to be fiercely marketable from resume to interview to continually bringing value once placed in your new position.


The career journey begins within each individual. The best investment you can make is in yourself. At Firestarter, we seek to uncover your professional and personal values, passions, goals and experiences through our INNERview Process. We want to know “what’s most important to you?” --- the job doesn’t matter. A world of possibilities await you. How do you want to grow?


Career Assessment:

The Initial Career Assessment reviews your career skills, interests, values, non-work relationships, goals and activities, as well as self-esteem and work attitudes. This tool is used to raise your self-awareness of strengths and areas of development.

Professional Profile Assessment:

Is the information you are sharing across social media channels consistent? With the proliferation of the gig economy and social media, it is essential to create a personal brand that differentiates you from your competition. Building your personal brand is about strategically, creatively, and professionally presenting the story of YOU by promoting your unique value and contributions. 

Resume Review and Development:

Six seconds max. That’s how long a hiring manager takes to decide whether or not to move you forward in the hiring process. Job search tactics have changed as should your resume. 

Career Development/Planning:

Your career is one of your most crucial time, energy and financial investments. Whether you are actively engaged in a job search, underemployed, a stay-at-home parent going back to the workforce following a long hiatus, going through a change of career, a current college grad, or unhappily employed, it is sensible to talk to a career services’ professional before you start your quest for career change. Firestarter Career Coaches will help you with career exploration, fine-tuning career goals and career choices, as well as help discover talents and skills capable of propelling your career to the next level. Our career coaches know how to help you unlock your hidden or under-utilized talents and skills in order to maximize your career potential


Firestarter has developed a planning and development methodology named "Career Ikigai - your reason for getting up in the morning to go to work!"

According to Gallup, a research-based, global performance-management consulting company, 85% of full-time workers around the world are either not engaged at their jobs or downright hate them. Only 15%  of the world’s one billion full-time workers are enthusiastic about their work! This report has determined that we are in the middle of a full-blown Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis. This is why we at Firestarter have developed our Career Ikigai Career Planning and Development Process.


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