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The best time to seek a new career is when you have one already!

The old saying is true: the best time to look for new career opportunities is when you already have one. You have the security of your current work which gives you more confidence as you look for a new role. You are a more desirable candidate when they see you are currently working and succeeding. You have a more active network when you are employed and your network is more inclined to want to help you. The following are the search process topics our Firestarter Search Coaches will assist you in developing a solid search plan:

Target a desired role:

Our Search Coaches will help you develop a customized strategy to target the specific industries, companies and job titles that you most want. During your coaching session, you’ll learn how to examine your strengths, weaknesses, desires and goals to discover exactly what kind of job to target.

Identify the type of role that you desire by finding your Career Ikigai. This is the process of examining who you are, what you most enjoy, your values, interests, strengths and accomplishments. The Career Ikigai process will: 

  • Clarify the specific industries you desire.  

  • Identify the exact job title you can get excited about.

  • Select the top ten firms you want to work for.

  • Create a clear and defined job search action plan with daily steps and weekly goals.

Avoid the critical mistakes:

Our Search Coaches will help you design a disciplined and aggressive search plan to ensure you reach your career goals in the shortest time possible. This “road map to success” outlines the strategic tactics, targets and timelines you’ll need to avoid costly mistakes and get the job you want. Our Coaches will provide you with:

  • Secrets to finding the job you need fast.

  • Know how to tap the hidden job market.

  • Understand the top ten things to consider before accepting any job.

  • Avoid the #1 mistake that causes people to settle for a mediocre job.

  • Learn the strategies for harnessing the social media to assist your job search.

  • Create a defined and structured career search approach and plan so you gain immediate results.

Social Media Networking:

If you’ve ever tried looking for a job online, you know how frustrating that can be. While the Web has made pounding the pavement a whole lot easier, it’s also made identifying great opportunities more competitive. While others unsuccessfully surf the job boards and company job postings, you’ll learn how to leverage your network to find opportunity leads for the career you desire. Our Coaches will assist you with:

  • Capitalize on your professional (and personal) network to identify hidden opportunities.

  • Leverage your network to get introduced to potential hiring managers.

  • Use social media and browser search strings to expand your career search contacts.

  • Set up informational meetings with peers, influencers and decision-makers.

  • Understand the best strategy to generate new contacts in any industry.

  • Learn how to multiply your network and let others find your next career opportunity for you.

  • Create a professional brand message to market your skills and experience to a potential hiring manager.

  • Learn how to give and receive ideas, referrals, recommendations, leads and support.

  • Utilize informational resources to research your targeted companies.

  • Create a record-keeping system so you manage your job search with incredible efficiency.


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