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Your Experience is Our Strength!

We believe that your career experience is our strength. We at Firestarter understand that no two career seekers are alike, so we use a thorough and personalized training approach to your career strategies. We provide interview training, salary negotiation techniques, career branding strategies, social media profile development, career networking and more.


Interview Training:

Have you ever wondered what you sound like in an interview? Do you find it difficult to get past the first interview? It may be that you are not communicating effectively with your interviewer. Communication is very important when you are selling yourself. Yes, SELLING yourself! 


Firestarter  Interview Coaches are experienced, knowledgeable, and have previously worked as recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals. We know how to prepare you for success by providing interview coaching that is targeted to your specific career search needs. No two interviews are alike, but there are interview best practices you can use to improve your interview skills.


There is an art to interviewing. It is not just a question and answer session, but instead a marketing opportunity for you! Why not brand yourself for success by preparing for interviews? Interview preparation is more than researching a company’s website or practicing in the mirror. It takes real targeted interview coaching to be successful. Having a Firestarter Interview Coach on your side is like having an inside track to the interviewer.  

Salary Negotiations:

You bring valuable skills and well-needed services to your career and employer. It is critical to know what you are worth! It is time to manage your earnings potential and salary. Firestarter's Salary Negotiations Coaches will help you negotiate a salary in line with your skills and market demands. Our salary negotiation coaches use targeted and proven techniques. Our Coaches will help you:

  • Create a negotiation plan and role play

  • Develop targeted negotiation skills

  • Evaluate salary expectations

  • How to accept an offer

Social Media Development:

Firestarter's Social Media Coaches will assess and aid in the development of your online profile. We will help you create a more successful social media branding professional profile. Many employers research candidates by checking the information they place on social media sites to determine whether you are worthy of employment with their company. Do your Twitter or Facebook accounts work against you? Your professional social media branding is extremely important. 

Are you using LinkedIn to network with professionals and recruiters? Our Social Media Coaches will aid you in creating a professional LinkedIn profile to maximize your career experiences. LinkedIn is the number one social media networking site for "connected professionals". How does your LinkedIn Profile measure up?

Professional Profile:

Entrepreneur Training.

Many Career Seekers will only use their resumes and cover letters while searching for a new role or promotion. Due to the "technical and digital age", more and more Career Seekers are now finding it necessary to have a professional profile or marketing brochure to aid in their career promotion. Well-written professional profiles can effectively market skills and accomplishments, and are nice compliments to an effective resume. A professional profile can build credibility and enhance valuable skills. Our Writing Coaches will help you create a professional profile that accurately highlights your relevant skills, expertise and accomplishments. We write compelling professional profiles that captures your unique attributes and qualifications. Your professional profile is an important part of your personal branding, and we will help you share your story. 

Due to market conditions and other economic factors, the number of independent consultants and small businesses are growing daily. Many professionals are becoming tired of corporate America under appreciating their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Many professionals are transitioning from being employees to business owners. Transitioning to an independent business owner means gaining new knowledge on how to manage and run your new business. We are here to help you transform your career to independent business ownership by providing a wide array of small business coaching and consulting services to help you grow your brand. Our Small Business Consultants are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and will work to make you a success.

It takes more than merely a dream to own your own business. It takes hard work, commitment, dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. We provide small business coaching and consulting from idea to implementation. 


Have a business idea? Have a side hustle you would like to turn into a full-fledged business? Are you passionate about a hobby and would like to turn it into a business? Are you ready to branch out on your own? Firestarter's Small Business Consulting Professionals can help! Let our team help you start realizing your dream! We provide the following training services:

  • Business Plan Writing and Consulting

  • Website Content Writing

  • Website Design and Management Referral Service

  • Social Media Consulting, Creation, and Management

  • Business Strategies Consulting

  • Business Automation Consulting

  • Small Business Coaching and Training


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