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Firestarter was created after 30 years of national and international search and placement experience connecting great talent with outstanding companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our Talent Seekers to build successful relationships and going above and beyond to ensure continued success. In short, we are in the "human relations business"!


The role of the Talent Seeker is ever changing. More responsibilities are given to Talent Seekers to apply sourcing and talent development. Additionally, the search function is rapidly evolving to a hybrid Coach/Headhunter model. The Firestarter Coaching Staff have spent over 30 years developing and coaching industry leading search and sales professionals. We are here to help you in your career growth as a Professional Talent Seeker.


Competition for the best talent is fierce. Without the right training, you will be hindered by hiring mediocre candidates, creating an ineffective team, demotivating employees and setting the stage for turnover. Our Search and Sales Training  Coaches will provide you with specific talent acquisition methods that you can follow to attract, screen and hire those best players and clients. We will reveal to you the most critical elements you need to implement to go from an average search and sales rep to a superstar! Hire the best talent and acquire the desired clients consistently and watch the greater impact on your organization's growth!


Locating and securing top talent in the marketplace can be challenging and time-consuming. Firestarter partners with companies of all sizes to support their search and staffing needs. We specialize in direct, contract and contract to direct search services in the engineering and technology markets to help organizations hire the best career seekers possible. Founded in 2000 (Formerly Mission Consulting), our extensive staffing, search and sales market experience and the strength of our network, coupled with our stringent candidate identification process, enables us to present a top-tier list of the most qualified candidates in the marketplace.

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