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We Identify, Target and Hire Top Talent...

We Are Specialist in Talent Management!

The Team at Firestarter believes in seeing people succeed in their work life. We train our staff and leadership the power of building genuine relationships to enhance the sourcing, career and talent search process. We find talent, we fill your desired roles, we help you build search strategies, we help build search staff and staffing agencies, and train and coach staff. We are a very deliberate in creating a relationship with your leadership and search team as your strategic talent management partner.

Maximizing investment in talent management is a key challenge for any organization. We offer a broad spectrum of staffing services and can help companies with: Direct Hire Placements; Contract-to-Direct; Contract Staffing; and Executive Search solutions. With a full range of Permanent Placement options ranging from retained or contingency search to contract staffing and large scale project solutions; you now have a flexible and efficient way to staff top talent when needed.

Talent Management Services.

Contract Staffing:

After 25 years in the Staffing Industry, we pride ourselves as experts in attracting and retaining contract talent that you can trust to meet project deadlines and drive bottom-line results for your business. This is a great way to increase your workforce flexibility while minimizing cost and risk. 

Contract to Direct Hire:

Traditionally most employers manage a 90 employee review process. We have found that maintaining a 90 to 180 day review process for contract hires has become an effective strategy for testing a potential full time employee fit, especially when compared to contract hires. Our Contract to Direct Hire assignments last for three to six months. Whether it is a difficult to fill role, headcount issue, budget challenges or simply making sure that you have the right match, our Contract to Direct Hire Service may be the best solution.​

Direct Hire:

We assist employers with an extensive candidate search and selection process to fulfill their critical direct hiring needs. Our world-class Talent Management Team have a combines experience of over 50 years  filling the placement needs for many companies across the nation and abroad. We specialize in difficult fill to positions and do not charge a fee until the search is completed!

Executive Search:

Firestarter's Executive Search Team works with a wide variety of employers across the nation to find top leadership talent critical for business growth and operational execution. We perform custom executive searches for C-level roles, including CIO, CSO, CMO, COO, CTO, CFO, CEO along with Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers in key functions of the business. Our Executive Search Team leverages over 50 years of experience focused on Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Leadership roles to find the right candidate to fit each opportunity.

Our Talent Search Process:


  • Needs Assessment with Hiring Managers and Internal Leadership

  • Search Engagement Profile Approved and Complete

Search Plan

  • Firestarter Resource Team Established and Assigned

  • Seeker Search Strategy Defined

  • Seeker Market Review

  • Timeline set for Client Interviews


  • Seeker Discovery

  • Initial Seeker Interest Inquiries 

  • Seeker Shortlist

Firestarter Team Inner/Interview

  • Seeker Interviews

  • Skills and Behavior Review 

  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Evaluations (if requested) 

  • Background Check Evaluations (if requested. additional fees may apply)

  • Reference Check Evaluations (if requested. additional fees may apply)


  • Seeker Profile Submission Review

  • Interview Schedule

  • Search Team Evaluation

  • Resume and Summary

  • Completed 30-60-90 Day Action Plan (if requested)

  • Completed Background Check (if requested. additional fees may apply)

  • Completed Professional References (if requested. additional fees may apply)

Employer Team Interview

  • Interview Schedule Review

  • Face to Face/Web-Video Conference Interviews

  • Interview Assessment Results Report

Offer and Negotiations Management

  • Compensation Support & Design

  • Brokering Offer Negotiations

  • Win-Win Approach

Post Hire Management

  • 30-60-90 Day Progress Review 

  • One Progress Review 

  • 360 Degree Review Report


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