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Master the Skills to Engage Both Active and Passive Candidates...

Talent Seeker Performance Training is Priority One!

Our Talent Seeker Training Service address the full life cycle of search staffing, sales and search using proven techniques and methodologies for prospecting leads, sourcing, pipelining, recruitment, qualification, interviewing and onboarding strategies necessary to effectively compete for both, passive and active talent.


Across our organization, our leadership and training staff are focused on and committed to helping talent seekers increase productivity through effective and advanced search processes. Our Training Team are hands-on player-coaches and combined have over 60 years in the staffing industry. Having filled key leadership roles now and in the past, within the staffing industry, they understand first-hand what it takes to successfully train and grow search and sales teams.

Firestarter Trainers develop training based on conversations with industry leaders and internal search and sales management teams to further development and create custom training materials. Our customized search training can be performed through onsite, remote or live webinar training sessions that institute or augment existing training programs for current employees and newly hired staff. Whether a newbie to the search industry or seasoned veteran our custom, documented training re-enforces how your staff is to utilize Firestarter's Search Training and get the most out of it.


Perfect for independent search consultants, staffing sales teams, internal HR search teams or staffing/consulting firms.

Search and Sales Training.

Hybrid Talent Search and Staffing Sales Training

We provide customized search and staffing sales training programs unlike any other on the market. The training we provide covers talent search fundamentals and staffing sales up through advanced search and staffing sales strategies.

Let us develop a customized training experience for your search and sales team based on best practices that will increase each individual contributors’ performance. Our methods have been practiced and perfected over time. We use your business goals as the foundation for creating personalized training materials for your search consultants and business development teams.

At Firestarter, training is not viewed as a one-time event, where the staff is expected to change habits and behaviors overnight. Our search and sales training requires buy-in from the top down and day to day, re-enforcement by management in order to get your team to begin producing the results you desire. Improving skills and needed knowledge is an ongoing process that will produce improved results. 

Talent Search Training Includes:

  • Understanding Creative Search Methods & Creating The Career Search

  • Time Management

  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators

  • Search, Sourcing and Candidate Pipeline Strategies

  • Proactive Search Using Hotlists

  • References, Referrals and Resume Analysis

  • Salary and Hourly Rate Negotiation

  • First Impressions and Establishing Credibility

  • Telephone Interviews

  • Creating The Professional Summary

  • Pre-closing the Candidate

  • Closing the Candidate

  • Candidate Control and Handling Objections

  • Dissecting The Job Order

  • Job Order Management Prioritization

  • Job Order Marketing

  • Understanding Technical Terms

  • Qualifying and Submitting Candidates

  • Presenting Offers and Handling Counter Offers

  • Establishing Feedback Loops and Following Up With Candidates

  • Candidate Briefing and Debriefing For Interviews

  • Candidate Onboarding and Care After Placement

  • and more.......

Staffing Sales Training Includes:

  • Customer Prospecting

  • Sales’ Key Performance Indicators

  • Understanding Different Types of Decision Makers & Their Hot Buttons

  • Understanding Technical Terms

  • Qualifying New Clients

  • Sales Funnel Methodology & Utilization For Prospecting

  • Lead Generation & Opportunity Development For Nurturing Prospects

  • Communicating Your Firm’s Value Proposition and Key Differentiators

  • Sales Workflows For Creating An Ongoing Sustainable Book Of Business

  • Sales & Search Teams – Working Together To Achieve Mutual Goals

  • Dissecting The Job Order

  • Job Order Scorecard & Requirement Intake Qualification

  • Customer & Open Job Order Prioritization

  • Marketing To Existing Customers

  • Qualifying and Submitting Candidates

  • Managing Candidate Expectations

  • Closing the Candidate

  • Candidate Onboarding and Care After Placement

  • Establishing Feedback Loops and Following Up With Candidates

  • Candidate Briefing and Debriefing For Interviews

  • Telephone Interviews

  • and more.......

Talent Search and Staffing Sales Management Training

Firestarter Search and Sales Training Team will work exclusively with staffing and search firm management and leadership staff to evaluate your entire search and sales processes from people and processes to performance expectations and technology to increase stakeholder targeted financial plans and organizational performance. We then create a road map that addresses your search and staffing firm’s opportunities for improvement with executable, repeatable processes that when performed consistently, are proven to increase revenue.

Management Training Includes:

  • Assess search and sales function (Gap Analysis), determine challenges impacting top and bottom-line financial growth, develop an achievable vision and create repeatable processes

  •  Evaluate talent management systems, resources, processes, people and recommend actionable best practices that shorten the sales & search

  • Institutionalize standard search, sales, and back-office processes through change management that increases employee engagement

  • Establish individual contributor goals that are aligned with search and staffing firm goals

  • Institute scalable growth strategies

  • Leverage harvesters and evergreens to build talent pipelines

  • Establish sales, search and staffing teams strategies that achieve business goals

  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive greater productivity

  • Development of job order prioritization closely aligned with organizational goals

  • Implementation of best in breed sales and search tools and technologies designed to increase production visibility and management

  • Devise inbound search and social career seeker strategies

  • Development of a future state blueprint that will will drive year-over-year scalable profitable growth

  • Best practices for more targeted search results and advanced search techniques

  • Lead generation and opportunity development for nurturing prospects

  • Sales workflows for creating an ongoing sustainable book of business


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